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Social Responsibility…

We are committed to making a difference and work hard to ensure that what we do keeps our customers happy whilst protecting the environment.

Every business, whether large or small, faces environmental challenges and we know that change towards a more sustainable and responsible society is very important.

Social Responsibility

We know that the retail landscape is a demanding space, however we are critical of discounters and importers racing to the lowest possible price by taking advantage of low wages, poor working conditions and minimal environmental consideration.

By shopping with us, you are not only supporting a small British business, you are also working to reduce the impact of these practices.

8 Steps to Change

Here follows our eight ways that we are working hard to minimise our impact and genuinely attempt to make a difference:


As you might expect, we are avid recyclers and aim to beat last years success rate of 95% of the waste we create either being reused or being recycled. If we can use it again, we will and we try to minimise what we purchase both in order to keep our overheads low and also to reduce our impact on the supply chain.

Energy Use

Our approach to energy use is simple – if we don’t need to use it, we don’t. We’d rather be wrapped up and work hard than sit around in t-shirts and shorts with industrial heaters pumping out wasteful heat. We’re not scrooges but we know that if we don’t need it, we shouldn’t waste it. We turn lights off, we only use energy-saving bulbs and never leave anything running that isn’t in use.

We regularly review our approach to energy efficiency and are keen to identify further opportunities to reduce our overall energy use. In our small business, it may not be massive but by doing whatever we can, we hope to make a difference.


Naturally we want to make sure that your order is well packed to protect it in transit. In doing so, we always carefully hand-wrap your item(s) in protective materials and wherever possible we use sustainable materials such as recycled paper. Doing so minimising the use of bubble wrap or pellets wherever possible.

We never buy new bubble wrap – we simply reuse previously used packaging or obtain unwanted materials from local businesses. We then use sustainably-sourced, reinforced cardboard packaging to keep it safe.

We always strive to use recycled packaging. By reusing cardboard and paper materials, we can reduce our reliance on new materials wherever possible – so please note that it is likely that your order will include some packaging that may have been used before.


Talking of delivery, we are committed to working with delivery partners that share our vision for carbon neutrality and as such we either select carbon neutral couriers, or if this isn’t possible for operational reasons, we offset the carbon used.


Our customers tell us that they love our approach to reusing materials through upcycling, recycling and making things from items that ordinarily would probably just end up in landfill. As a result we work hard to provide our customers with all the information they need to make both informed and responsible decisions about the products they buy, their source and where relevant, their impact.


Should any product(s) fail to meet our high quality standards, be returned as damaged or be beyond retail salvation, we work with local charity partners and either donate such products for reuse which helps people in need or offer them for sale to generate funds for such charities.


We have a responsible approach to sourcing. We aim to support local businesses as much as we can. Whenever we purchase raw materials we ensure that if we can shop local, we do. If we have to purchase from elsewhere we do everything we possibly can to purchase from within the UK. Indeed less than 1% of our purchases come from outside the United Kingdom.

We’d rather not buy cheap and environmentally damagingly from places like China if it can be made to our desired standards nearby. It works for us all – we and our customers get a better quality product and we support the British economy too.


We are keen to make a positive difference – not only upon our environment but also the community in which we operate.

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Read more about us or feel free to contact us and we’ll be delighted to help.

Phone: 07864  184  284

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