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Six Key Benefits of Buying Wooden Homewares

We all know that there are lots of little changes we can make to reduce our impact on the environment and making sustainable purchase decisions should also extend to your interior accessories.

Our reclaimed wooden products have impressive benefits that make them much better than cheap plastic alternatives. Here’s why we think you should always consider wooden homewares:

1. They Last

Our products are last longer than plastic equivalents – they can be passed on to the next generation. We rigorously test all our designs to ensure they’re safe for children, durable, and will stand the test of time. This equals good news for your bank balance as you won’t need to replace them regularly. Our wooden products are family heirlooms in the making!

2. They’re Better For The Environment

One of the main advantages of wooden (rather than plastic) products is that most of our rustic reclaimed homewares are biodegradable – and they can certainly always be upcycled or repurposed as and when needed. However, plastic boxes, trays and planters for example will either need to be recycled (should suitable facilities exist) or otherwise they will end up in landfill, taking hundreds of years to rot away.

You can learn more about Why Reclaimed Materials Help The Environment.

3. They’re Different

Who wants to have the same things as everybody else?

That’s a major benefit of choosing our products… our customers love that no two products we sell are ever the same. Even when they’re part of a set or available in multiples, as they’re handmade, they’re unique and this makes them stand out from the crowd.

This is in strong opposition to new, mass-produced items that are widely available. Your unique style can be reflected in the design and application of the items you choose to enhance your setting.

4. They Look Amazing

Nobody wants to fill their space with cheap ugly plastic – and it’s such a relief that wood is not only beautiful and homely but it is also looks great.

As a result, we find our customers are happy to have our beautiful wooden products out on display rather than stuffed away in a cupboard. You may not want an unsightly plastic chopping board on your worktop all the time but a beautiful, one-of-a-kind reclaimed serving board would look amazing on your work surface. Ready to use and looking amazing while it is waiting for action!

One of the biggest benefits of wooden homewares is they’re the kind of interior products that don’t need to be hidden away – they are designed to suit a wide range of interiors and usages.

5. They Feel Great

Wood is a very tactile material. If you’re anything like us, we can’t walk past a tree without feeling the texture of the bark and it’s hard not to run your hands across the back of an old wooden chair or run your hands across a chunky sideboard as you walk past.

So whether you’re looking for a small storage solution or a large impact, feature piece we’re sure to have the perfect item to meet your needs – and not only that, it will be an item that you will love to use, to look and and, perhaps more importantly for your senses, to hold.

6. Wood is Good

We think wood is good because it is better for your home, better for your pocket and better for the environment too.

Our wooden pieces provide great value. They look and feel great, they’re hardwearing so they really last. As a result, their durability delivers much greater value for money and less plastic waste heading to landfill.

For any enquiries, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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