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The Derelict Attraction

We take a closer look at what we and others find so attractive about derelict buildings, abandoned spaces and the eternal hunt for hidden gems.

In our line of business we have a regular need for a steady supply of reclaimed materials and our newly introduced collection of salvaged items. As a result we work hard to source materials that we use in the production of our authentic rustic homewares.

We have arrangements with a handful of local demolishers and developers and on occasion we are invited to join them at a derelict building as they work to either empty the space or secure it ready for it’s next incarnation.

It isn’t always possible for us to be a part of the demolition process for safety reasons of course, and whilst we have commercial arrangements in place with some developers, often these buildings are sold off with all their contents included which are then sent to auction or a sold off via third parties through other markets – both on and offline .

So when we do get the chance, we always try to grab it with both hands!

There’s little more exciting than entering a place that time has forgotten. From factories to mills, to old houses, schools and hospitals, every one has stories to tell and it is the thought of unearthing a hidden gem that really stirs the soul.

Plus a salvage piece weirdly feels even more salvaged if you’ve found it yourself.


When you enter, you’re hit by the smells, the light as well as the dirt, mess and destruction. Whilst old places like this are normally filthy and more often than not, filled with pigeon mess, we think that crumbling walls, dirty, dusty rooms, corridors and foyers are amazing.

When visiting them, it’s impossible not to think of everything that’s happened previously in the space. Indeed the eerie silence in a once bustling factory is a rare feeling.

It is possible that the charm of exploring an abandoned or derelict location is enhanced by the feeling that its occupants have only just left – often you’ll see cups on the desk, documents still in a post tray and names scrawled on a board.

Globally, the desire to explore these types of locations is on the rise and has even coined the name ‘urbexing’ – which is the photographic genre involving the exploration and photographing of abandoned buildings and areas. There are plenty pf online resources that show some amazing places and it is of great interest to see how they fall into disrepair and how nature often overtakes a building and its contents.

Such urban exploration is fantastic and a great experience but there are pitfalls, many of which have been written about at length amongst then many forums dedicated to the pursuit, and we of course, only visit under careful, approved supervision of the property owners or their contractors.

We plan further trips over the coming months to help fill up our workshop store ready for use in our range of authentic rustic homewares handmade with reclaimed materials that echo their previous lives.

We think there’s little better and it rapidly becomes addictive.

For any enquiries, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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